The LuxeArmour

Our very own in house designed bespoke waterproof handbag protectors and luxury totes.

LuxeArmour K and B - Strong, foldable, light, waterproof yet stylish hand bag protectors. Custom made in different sizes, ensuring a good fit for each of your handbags. Pop one into your bag and protect your arm candy in all situations -  bad weather (rain, snow, sand), travel (planes, trains, cars), your child's sticky fingers, dirty/wet surfaces (playgrounds, restaurants, gyms, bathroom sinks, kitchen counters) or simply when you want to cover up and go incognito. LuxeArmour has you covered - in all seasons and situations.

LuxeArmour Anytime - Strong, foldable, light waterproof and stylish tote bags for anytime and anywhere - be it the supermarket, gym, swimming class, by the beach, or just when you want something light and easy. It can also be used as a protector for hand bags. Comes in 2 sizes.


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